Aventura Transmission Repair

Regardless of the extent of your transmission issues, AMS Jet Transmission offers a multitude of services to remedy your situation. Whatever problems you may be encountering with your vehicle, we will part of the solution. The residents of Aventura deserve to have a transmission repair shop that will take care of their needs with the utmost experience, and skill.

Our Services

Mechanic's hands working on a carFluid Leakage – If you happen to notice a leak from the car, check the color and smell to determine what the next steps are. If the liquid is bright red with a sweet scent, then things are working correctly, the hole needs to be fixed. If the fluid is dark and smells burnt, then you will probably need to fix the holes and change the liquid.

Noisy Transmission – This problem may be an indication of a quick addition of fluid. However, if it persists, you’re running the risk of the slipping gears posing a safety risk and spontaneously turning into another gear while driving. Come on down to AMS Jet Transmissions when any of these problems arise.

Delay of Response – If you have an automatic transmission and you, unfortunately, experience your vehicle refusing to go into gear, it may be time to go into the shop. If you change into gear and your car is slow to respond, we can help out with that as well. We have seen it all when it comes to transmission issues, so don’t be afraid to bring your car to our shop.

AMS Jet Transmission

Aside from specializing in remedying transmissions, we also provide solutions for engines, tires, wheel bearings, ac repairs, and more. Assisting our clients all over South Florida, including Aventura, is our top priority. We believe that repairing transmissions don’t need to be expensive or done over an extended period. Our team focuses on each vehicle that makes its way into our shop. If you live in the Aventura area, give us a call at (954) 581-0390.