Oil Change in Hallandale Beach

Receiving an oil change regularly is one of the most critical services you can give to your car. You need to constantly make sure that you have a well-oiled machine otherwise it could fail minorly or catastrophically. Believe me when I tell you this that the sound a car makes when it dries up, and the Pistons lock is the thing of nightmares. That being said, you can easily avoid this by using the very affordable and very quick oil change service. Just remember that when you need an Oil Change in Hallandale Beach, we are here for you!

Downsides of not receiving an Oil Change

Slows Engine: When you do not properly switch out your oil and your oil filter it creates a problem with the way your vehicle uses the engine. When there are more contaminants in the oil, it creates thicker oil which causes the engine to move slower and less optimally to what it should be expected to do.

Reduces Gas Mileage: When the engine slows, that means it is burning more gasoline than it needs to for you to get from point A to point B. This will gradually tick away at your gasoline budget every month and take what would be a few cents every week and make it much more money than expected.

Piston Lock: Piston lock is when parts of the engine fuse with themselves. This prevents the engine from being able to continue pumping which of course means that your entire engine is shot. There is no way to repair a fused engine; they are completely unable to separate, and you would need a new engine. That new engine will cost you much more than continuous oil changes.

AMS Jet Transmission for Oil Change in Hallandale Beach

We have almost 30 years of experience dealing and repairing transmissions. We are an affordable option and have a low transmission flush cost of $89.95. Call us today for any questions you might have about Oil Change in Hallandale Beach, your transmission flush & much more at 954-581-0390.

What our Customers Say

Gerry A.

I have been using Temperature Systems, Inc to service many of the properties I sell and manage. They have serviced AC units, both residential & commercial & pool heaters for me. Scott always goes the extra mile to ensure all problems are fixed correctly & treats his customers fairly. They provide a great service at a great price! I highly recommend Temperature Systems, Inc & Scott Greenberg. Google+


Brennan B.

AMAZING is all I have to say. Scott might be the nicest service person I have ever dealt with. He was nice, honest, and upfront with me. I thought that my AC unit was done for, but all that had happened was a few wires needed to be replaced/ repaired. It took about 20 minutes (if that). When my machine really does go, I’ll be calling them first, hands down. Thank you for all of your help! Google+


Sherrie S.

Wow! What great service. My A/C unit needed to be replaced and the next morning Temperature Systems was there. They are so courteous, reliable and very respectful. Great unit, great service, great prices! I highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed. I will use them again. Thank you! Google+


Hunter R.

Superb customer service from start to finish. They answered my call immediately after 6pm and arrived at my house within 2 hours from the first call. Fixed my A/C within 1 hour and at a fair and very reasonable cost. Highly recommend this company and will use in the future!!! Google+


Bradley L.

Recently had a not-so-pleasant plumbing leak. I’m not in the habit of doling out glowing reviews, but this one is warranted. No insane prices. No nightmare service. What you want when the time comes to call a professional. To his credit, Scott went above and beyond the call of duty. In a perfect world, they all do. In reality, you need to know who you can call without getting screwed. Google+


Joyce S.

We only use Temperature Systems for our plumbing and HVAC for our 4 Day Spa’s. We’ve been working with them for over 2 years and his work is fantastic and professional. The president, Scott is extremely knowledgeable and prompt. Temperature Systems is the only company we hire for our plumbing and HVAC needs. We highly recommend them for all commercial and residential work. Google+