In the hustle and bustle of Coral Gables, there is a need for excellent mechanic work everywhere you go in the city. With the rich culture, colorful botanical life, and dynamic night scene of Coral Gables, we don’t want to keep anyone from exploring the town because of transmission issues.

coral gables car serviceYou’ll quickly notice in the title of our company that we focus on transmission repairs. Your car may be experiencing symptoms that you were unaware could affect your transmission. With AMS Jet Transmissions, you can bet that you’re going to receive a high-quality Coral Gables car service. Whether you are a new or long-term resident of Coral Gables, we know our way around and we can guarantee quality service every time. Please take a look at all the auto repair services we provide in Coral Gables FL.

Transmission Repairs or Replacements

Lack of Response Time

Not all issues with your transmission will be a gradual occurrence. Sometimes your car will get you all the way to your destination, and when you put your car into gear to reverse, it suddenly stops. Not having the ability to change the gear of your vehicle or experiencing a noticeable delay before the apparatus goes into action could mean your transmission is about to give out on you if it hasn’t already.

Fluid Leakage

You may have a hole underneath the car where the transmission is located. If you do, pay attention to the color and smell of the liquid that is leaking out. If the liquid leaking appears to have a vibrant red color and has a sweet-smelling scent, then all that needs to be taken care of is the hole. If the liquid is a dark opaque color, then as far as the transmission is concerned, it requires an urgent tune-up along with patching up the hole right away.

oil change coral gables

If you’re experiencing the latter, then you may have to change the fluid, flush out the transmission, and possibly have other repairs done. Not to worry though, because AMS Jet Transmissions is trained and prepared to approach this exact issue in any car.

Noisy Neutral and Gimpy Gear

A simple injection of transmission fluid can help when your car is noisy in neutral. Regardless of what may seem like an easy fix, you should visit automotive repair shop as soon as possible to make sure that no other problems have presented themselves.

What is a car if it cannot be shifted into gear? Not much. If your car decides that it doesn’t want to move into the drive, then your transmission is probably the culprit. Call AMS Jet Transmissions as soon as possible so we can get your car back in working order.