Plantation Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Plantation, FL

Sometimes, a little issue with your car can be an indication of a much bigger problem. For instance, a rise on your temperature gauge or small puddle of dark reddish brown fluid may not seem like a big problem, but those little signs could indicate transmission trouble. The transmission is imperative to your car, sending power to each part to make your car run.

Transmission Repair Stress

Many people become very worried about the stress transmission repairs can cause. In Plantation, there are many transmission shops that claim to be experts in the repair, but how can you be sure? AMS JET Transmissions is the answer for Plantation auto repair needs, including transmission service and rebuild.

Transmission Repair Quality

We serve our clients with experience and honesty and have been serving South Florida in the transmission repair and transmission rebuild service for more than 20 years. Each of our employees at AMS JET Transmissions has received ASE certification, giving them the training and experience they need to perform the best transmission rebuilds and repairs. To make sure our techniques and equipment are some of the best in the industry, AMS JET Transmissions is a member of ATRA, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, as well as ATSG, the Automatic Transmission Service Group.

Transmission Repair Assurance

We are fully insured and licensed at our Plantation transmission shop and value our reputation for quality service. For most, money is tight, so we do not hit our clients with any unknown fees or extra costs for their repair. Our Plantation transmission auto shop gives you all of the costs of your repair up front by providing free estimates for our Plantation community. To determine your exact transmission repair or rebuild needs, we at AMS JET Transmissions make sure to identify the source of your transmission problem.

Transmission Repair Service

We offer both towing and roadside assistance for our transmission repair and transmission rebuild clients that you receive the transmission repair you need. Our Plantation transmission shop employees pride themselves in being able to explain each step of your transmission repair or rebuild and also offer you valuable maintenance suggestions to keep your car running well after your transmission rebuild or repair. So when choosing a shop for transmissions repair or rebuild, make AMS JET Transmissions your first choice for a quality experience on Plantation auto repair services.