Transmission Repair Tamarac

Transmission Repair in Tamarac

Transmission Repair in TamaracSometimes, the sounds of your car needing a transmission repair Tamarac Fl can make your heart race. A leak or rise in temperature, and before you know it your car is overheating! The decision to have transmission repair or rebuild service can be overwhelming. You want to be sure that you are getting the best value and a quality repair done right. The problem is Tamarac is full of transmission shops claiming to be experts in transmission rebuilds and repair. So how do you know quality from fraud?


Well, AMS JET Transmissions is here to give the Tamarac area reasonably priced transmission repair service the highest quality. AMS JET Transmissions has been faithfully serving Copper City Florida since 1987 and have an established reputation for client-focused worked, providing Tamarac with an honest, expert transmission repair auto shop in Tamarac. We have ASE certified employees working on each repair who have trained extensively on domestic and import vehicles.

Transmission Repair in TamaracTechs

AMS JET Transmission Repair Tamarac, like all of our shops, is a proud member of both ATRA and ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group). These organizations provide our employees at AMS JET Transmissions with the most up to date technology and techniques for transmission repair.

We maintain, repair and rebuild both automatic and manual transmissions and have a broad range of additional services, including diagnosing and correcting problems from clutches and drive shafts to universal joints, engines. Our specialized team is dedicated to providing its customers with excellent service through expertise, integrity, flexibility, and a welcoming environment. At AMS JET Transmissions, we understand that your car is tied to your livelihood; your jobs, family, and life depend on your mobility. So, we work hard to ensure that we can repair and return your car as soon as possible because we value your time. Cars are essential to productivity, and we only want the best for our customers.


We make sure you understand the extent of your repair and the costs before work begins, keeping in mind the financial troubles that have come with the recession. Contact us at 954-581-0390 for inquiries on local auto transmission repair services.