Oil Change Weston FL

Why do we need Oil changes?

oil change in westonOil changes are a natural part of keeping your car running well. Whether it’s a newer car or an older car, you need to make sure that the oil inside is good to use and good to go. But for some people, they don’t know precisely why oil is so important for your car.

Oil is used in the car to disperse heat throughout the engine. The better the oil, the better the heat dispersal and the longer your parts will last in your car. If you have older oil that means it’s prone to collecting sediment, growing thicker and thus being worse at dispersing the heat. So new oil does the following:

  • Makes cars Run Better
  • Saves Money on Gas
  • Keeps the car Alive

Why you should use us for an oil change in Weston, FL!

Oil changes are one thing, but oil changes in Weston FL with Jet Auto is a whole other kind of experience.

weston oil changeWe are Fast – Fastest oil changes in town, less than thirty minutes for the majority of our clients.

We are Family Owned – My father owned this shop and my son will own this shop. We are dedicated to working on cars.

We are Honest and Inexpensive – We’ve been open this long because we’re honest and inexpensive. We put the customer first and always try to deliver the best possible services!

AMS Jet Transmissions

By providing our clients with personalized and professional care, our specialized team fosters an atmosphere of comfort for our already stressed clients. AMS JET Transmissions is dedicated to getting you on the road again as soon as possible because we understand how important your car is to your life. We can provide our clients with towing services and roadside assistance anytime, day or night. Our Weston customers walk away with a repair they can believe in and the knowledge to prevent future problems. Join us on over at our AMS JET Transmissions Weston location and receive the service with integrity you deserve!

What our Customers Say

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Curtis F.

Jet Transmission is one of the best place to take your vehicle for transmission repair, there customer service is the greatest. There certified mechanic is well educated on all types of vehicles. If you have a situation with your automobile transmission I highly suggest you take it to Jet Transmission. I a sure you will not have any regrates.



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Nancy C.

I have taken a few of my vehicle to jet and I have been very pleased with the work and service I have received from them the manager and owner are very helpful friendly and polite and their staff as well . their prices are also very reasonable I highly recommend Jet to service and repair your transmission. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS !!!!!!! 🙂



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Nene S.

This shop was referred to me by a co-worker that had her transmission done by them. I was driving home when my transmission gave up. I called them up no later than an hour they picked it up my car and took me home AT NO CHARGE :). End result car working great. Price was very good. I even have enough to buy me some shoes 🙂 Thank you so much AMS Jet Transmission.



M Irish small profile photo

M Irish

These guys are awesome. Took my truck for a test drive with the mechanic. He talked about the few problems it could be. Truck runs great. I will take for my fluid changes even though I always do myself cause I support great businesses. Gold Coast lied to my face multi times and tried to get at least $2000 for a rebuild when I didn’t even need one. AMS Jet are great people and very smart mechanics.