Your car comes with a service schedule that provides instructions on how frequently you should bring it in for professional service. You must pay close attention to this document, as timely service helps you maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, keeps it running smoothly, and extends its life on the road. With vehicle maintenance, there is no substitute for regular service.

Here we give you a low-down on six benefits of regular car service.

Maintains your warranty

You must bring your car in for a service at the correct intervals as per the service schedule, as regular maintenance ensures that the vehicle keeps its manufacturer’s warranty. When you are not compliant with the manufacturer’s guidelines, it can invalidate the warranty, which might leave you with a hefty bill to pay out of your pocket. 

Reduces the risk of catastrophic failure

You must pay close attention to the “check engine” sign when it appears on your dashboard. Ignoring the early signs of engine problems means exposing yourself to an increased risk of costly catastrophic failures.

While servicing your car, an authorized mechanic will check your vehicle for potential issues like wrong fluid levels, overheating radiator, jammed tires, and resolve them before they turn into a bigger, more expensive problem.

Improves safety

You can carry out simple tasks such as changing the oil filter and replacing punctured tires. However, only a professional has the training and expertise to examine your vehicle for complex issues like low engine efficiency and signs of imminent failure.

An auto mechanic will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle to identify potential safety concerns. 

It includes checking components such as the brakes, suspension, and exhaust system to ensure they are in excellent working condition. Without regular service, your car components will perform inconsistently, making them unreliable and potentially hazardous.

Keeps the engine in top condition

Without regular maintenance, your car will gather sludgy fuel in the engine, causing it to get clogged, negatively affecting its performance and durability. Going for long periods without proper engine maintenance exposes you to the risk of serious accidents. 

Prevents expensive repairs 

Preventive maintenance measure is a small investment of time and money that protects you from significant repair costs in the future. For example, infrequently changing your oil can lead to a sludge build-up, which may permanently damage the engine.

Sustains the car’s value

After your house, your car is the second most expensive purchase you will ever make. Therefore, you must take all measures to maintain it in a condition that doesn’t deteriorate too quickly. Regular service helps sustain its resale value in the buyer’s market for a longer time. 

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