Have you seen a puddle of liquid on the surface you’ve parked your car on for some time? If you see this leak somewhere in the middle of the car, it is probably a transmission leak that needs to be checked out by transmission repair shops near you immediately. You may also see some signs that your transmission is not working as well as it should, like having difficulty shifting the gears or grinding between the gear shifts. There can be many other damages to the car if the transmission oil levels are low, so finding out the reason for it becomes crucial.

Let us look at some reasons why your transmission might be leaking.

Reason #1- Sabotaged Transmission Pan or Drain Plug: The transmission pan is made from steel or cast iron and is located under the automobile. The positioning makes it very susceptible to damage whenever it hits the road. Moreover, even a small rock can damage it if it hits the transmission pan at the right spot. The pan also gets corroded over time and can get holes. The drain plug is what the auto transmission service mechanics use to empty the transmission fluid and if it is not tightened properly or becomes loose, it may also leak fluid.

Reason #2- Worn Down Transmission Seals: Automatic transmissions use hydraulic pressure which can be hard on the transmission seals. When the pressure gets too high to handle, they wear down and eventually break, causing a leak. Your vehicle has several seals and the leak could be from the input or output shaft, drive shaft, plug or sensor, shifter or tail housing, valve body, or the speedometer input seal. It is preferred to contact the best auto transmission repair shop and get it fixed immediately.

Reason #3- Damaged Transmission Pan Gasket: The transmission pan has a thin rubber layer called a gasket that keeps it from leaking onto the transmission housing. Unfortunately, the gasket wears down with time and is usually very delicate in old vehicles. It can also be damaged by constant high-temperature exposure or if it was not manufactured correctly. Leaking transmission oil from gasket damage can harm the transmission housing and needs transmission repair shop attention.

Reason #4- Leaking Torque Converter: The torque converter is a critical part of the transmission system which pushes the fluid through the system. The fluid then lubricates the gears and other moving components to keep them safe from wear and tear. When the body or needle bearings of the transmission break, it may cause fluid leakage.

Reason #5- Cracked Fluid Lines: Your auto repair shop transmission mechanic may also find broken fluid lines which are made of steel or aluminum. They get pelted by the road and debris and can, over ‌time, break and lead to leakage.

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