Have you ever wondered how a transmission changes gears? Well, with an automatic transmission, it has sensors that will determine when it should shift gears and changes them by utilizing internal oil pressure. With the torque converter working with the planetary gears, the automatic transmission gets you where you need to be without worrying about a clutch and manually changing gears along the way.

Your Torque Converter

The main purpose for the torque converter is to connect and disconnect the engine’s power. This machinery takes the place of the clutch that you would normally find on a manual transmission.

There are several parts of a torque converter: the impeller, the turbine, the stator, and the lock-up clutch. The impeller is part of the torque converter housing and is connected to the engine. The turbine is connected to the transmission input shaft. From the impeller to the turbine rotating, the torque is then sent into transmission.

The Planetary Gears

automotive repair shopThe big question is, how does the transmission change gears on its own without any assistance? The basic task of the planetary gear set is to change gear ratios without having to engage different gears.

The fluid pressure is in charge of driving the transmission fluid pump, activating the clutches and brakes. Hydraulic fluids are supplied to engage the gears and forced the shift valves to close and open different ones.

Understanding how your vehicle works are vital to properly maintaining it. Of course, we don’t expect all our clients to know the inner workings of their engine, but it helps to have a basic understanding of the complexities under the hood.

AMS Jet Auto Transmission

Once you reach our automotive repair shop in Davie, FL, our employees will explain each step of your transmission repair or rebuild. Our job is to make sure that your transmission is running smoothly at all times. Whenever you come into our shop, you’re guaranteed to have an experienced team member work on your vehicle so you can get back on the road.

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