A dual mass flywheel is necessary for our automobiles to stop or reduce the harmonics caused by the engine when we start the car. But sometimes, you may feel a few signs pointing out something wrong with your vehicle’s dual mass flywheel. Although, experiencing resistance while you shift gears or push the clutch pedal might make you wonder if it is the drivetrain system. However, a failed dual-mass flywheel can also give rise to a few symptoms that might confuse you. Understanding the signs of a failed dual-mass flywheel will help you get it fixed timely at automotive performance shops in Florida and reduce any damage to the vehicle.

Let’s see how you can recognize dual-mass flywheel failure and when to contact a transmission repair shop to get it fixed.

Signs and Symptoms of a Failed Dual Mass Flywheel-

#1- Rattling and banging noises: If your bellhousing is making a lot of rattling or banging noises, it is most likely due to a failed dual mass flywheel. These sounds can be quite loud, and you should get your DMF replaced at a Davie car repair shop as soon as possible.

#2- Slipping: Slipping usually occurs when your clutch is worn out and cannot work properly. When it cannot fulfill the capacity demand, it smells like burnt bread and gear oil mixed together. You will usually experience it on higher gear levels due to the added air resistance. However, if you do not smell any odor and still find your gears slipping back to the original position, it may be because of the dual-mass flywheel in your car failing. You should get it replaced to avoid damaging your engine and other essential components.

#3- Vibrations: The primary function of a dual-mass flywheel is to reduce the harmonics in your vehicle. However, if you still feel vibrations on the floor of your car, it could be due to the failure of springs and other necessary internal components in a flywheel. If this happens, your dual-mass flywheel will not be able to reduce the tremors over time. If you experience a similar situation in your vehicle, take your car to an auto repair shop in Davie, FL, to get the flywheel replaced.

What To Do if Your Dual Mass Flywheel Has Failed?

If you notice any of the above signs and symptoms while you drive your car, it is time for you to consider any of the following two-

  • Replace the OE dual mass flywheel with an OE spec replacement.
  • Go to an automotive repair shop and convert a dual-mass flywheel to a single-mass flywheel.

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