Insurance statistics indicate that anywhere from 700,000 to 800,000 car owners fall victim to car thieves each year.

Can you be doing more to prevent car theft? While modern vehicles possess a variety of anti-theft devices, criminals are still looking to steal a car.

It turns out that a car with a manual transmission may assist in deterring a car thief. Below, we will try to investigate why this might be the case.

Do Manual Transmission Vehicles Deter Car Thieves?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau suggests that vehicle theft is a significant issue as crime rings seek to benefit from victims. But can your ability to drive a manual transmission be enough to stop it?

Comparatively, the number of vehicles with an automatic transmission vastly outnumber those with a stick shift. While insurance companies do not compile the rates of car theft by transmission type, there may be evidence that you’re safer if you drive stick.

It makes sense in theory. Automatic transmissions require very little know-how, and a thief could quickly assume control of the vehicle and drive away. Someone who attempts to steal a manual transmission vehicle needs to understand how to operate it. In fact, a report by the U.S. News and World Report indicates that only 18% of drivers in the United States can drive a manual vehicle. That leaves the rest as unable to drive said vehicle.

Should I Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle?

Since there isn’t concrete crime data to suggest otherwise, you shouldn’t count on a manual transmission as your only means of safety. In fact, a manual transmission vehicle can still be silently rolled away without starting it. You’ll still need to invest in other security measures to make sure your vehicle isn’t stolen.

However, it seems likely that if a car thief has the choice between the two transmission types, they’re likely to go for the simpler option. Criminals are looking for a clean, quick getaway, and can more easily achieve that with a vehicle they can actually drive.

Install Other Vehicle Security Options

Many modern vehicles come with numerous anti-theft options already installed. However, you can benefit from the following if you do not have them: alarms, brake locks, wheel locks, window etching, smart keys, kill switches, and high-quality locks.

It should go without saying, but do not leave your keys or fobs in the vehicle. A surprising number of vehicles stolen every year had these located somewhere in the automobile. Additionally, always park in well-lit spots that are near high-traffic areas. Don’t give a car thief more of an invitation to meddle with your vehicle.

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