We all are so dependent on our vehicles that handing over our cars to automotive repair shops is not an easy decision. We need it to take our kids to school, go to the office, go grocery shopping, and for anything and everything. Giving the car to rebuild transmission, which is a very vital part of your vehicle and controls the entire operation of the mechanics, requires you to thoroughly research the mechanic and learn about every factor that can affect your car.

Let us see the five questions you need to ask your mechanic before a transmission rebuild-

Question #1- Is Rebuilding the Transmission My Only Option?

Most car issues have more than one solution, but many automotive performance shops in Florida don’t give you a choice because they don’t have the required expertise. Rebuilding a transmission requires experienced workmanship. It is a complicated piece of machinery, and unless the mechanic is a specialist, you should not take your chances. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the part and test it for its performance.

Question #2- Do You Have the Expertise and Certifications Required for the Job?

As mentioned above, transmission is a complicated component made up of multiple different pieces. Rebuilding it according to your vehicle requires professional expertise and training. Ask your mechanic about his training, expertise, and certifications before signing any agreement. Reputable technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence (ASE). They are also re-tested regularly to confirm they are updated with the newly introduced technologies.

Question #3- Do You Offer a Rebuilding Warranty?

The best auto transmission repair shops give a warranty on rebuilding transmissions for replacement, repair, and other services. Having a guarantee in place gives you confidence and reassurance that you will get a refund if anything happens to your transmission because transmission is a critical component of your car.

Question #4- Does My Warranty Remain Valid if I Service my Transmission at Another Shop?

While most people will readily provide you with the warranty to get your transmission rebuilt, replaced, and repaired if anything happens to it, they also add clauses that can be an inconvenience to you during emergencies. For instance, your warranty may be limited to very specific performance issues that do not even occur in general and would not cover complications that are usually found with rebuilt transmissions. Similarly, many auto shop mechanics add the location clause. These conditions limit you from getting all other auto transmission repair services and maintenance from the same transmission repair shop. If you go to another service center, your warranty will not be valid.

Question #5- Do You Provide a Maintenance Plan?

Reliable mechanics of the Davie car repair shop give you advice on maintaining your car for the best performance. Ask your mechanic if they provide a transmission maintenance plan to follow.

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