Transmission fluid is essential for the smooth operation of a car. Its leakage can cause many troubles if it goes unnoticed for a long time and may even completely break down your vehicle. There can be many reasons why your car may be leaking transmission fluid, and fixing some of them can be a bit of an investment. If you see a puddle of fluid underneath your vehicle, you may want to check if the problem is solvable or needs a professional opinion at a Davie car repair shop.

Here are six reasons your car may be leaking.

Reason #1- Broken Transmission Pan Gasket: The most common reason for leaking transmission fluid is a broken or leaking fuel pan gasket. Some models also use a sealer instead of a gasket. These should be replaced if the car is too old because the transmission fluid damages them gradually. You should also replace it if you are buying a used car.

Reason #2- Worn Transmission Pan: Another common cause of a transmission fluid leak is a broken, cracked, or corroded transmission pan found at the bottom of the car. If you have an aluminum transmission pan and you hit something underneath the vehicle, it can damage the transmission pan resulting in leaking transmission fluid. Rust is a problem with steel transmission pans. They are pretty thin and can quickly form a hole from the damages caused by the transmission fluid.

Reason #3- Damaged Seal: Automatic transmission has transmission seals with sustained hydraulic pressure. Damage to these transmission seals can lead to leakage. If your car is old, long-term heat exposure can wear them. The input and output shaft can also damage these transmission seals by cracking them. Regularly checking these essential parts will help prevent unwanted fluid leaks.

Reason #4- Broken Fluid Line: The fluid line has a long life because they are made of steel and aluminum. However, old cars or vehicles that cover long distances frequently expose these fluid lines to debris and heat, which can break and damage transmission fluid lines. Broken fluid lines cause transmission fluid to leak.

Reason #5- Leakage due to Torque Converter: Transmission fluid is propelled into the car system by a torque converter. If anything damages the components of a torque converter or if it has bad needle bearings, it can cause transmission fluid to leak. In this case, your car mechanic at a transmission repair shop near you will replace the torque converter with a new one.

Reason #6- Clogged Transmission Ventilation: If you have an automatic transmission, it will have ventilation at the top to prevent it from building excess pressure inside of it. If these small ventilations get clogged, they can lead to a leaking transmission. Get your transmission ventilations fixed at the best auto transmission repair shop near you.

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