It is crucial for a car’s air conditioner to work well for you to have a comfortable ride. Much like other parts, a car’s air-conditioning system also suffers wear and tear and requires regular maintenance.  

If left unattended, the problems with the AC can escalate, forcing you to pay for expensive and extensive repairs or a total replacement. To avoid such a situation, you must watch out for warning signs and get them promptly fixed by a professional.   

If your vehicle’s air conditioner shows any of the below-mentioned signs, you need to take it to a trusted auto repair shop for a tune-up.

Vents blow only hot air

A drop in the cooling level signals a problem with your AC. Initially, the difference in cooling will be slight, with the airflow getting affected. But it will grow if left unchecked. Various factors, such as mildew and mold build-up, clogged debris, loose hose, and fried ventilation vent can be responsible for decreasing airflow. 

Strange noises

If you notice unusual sounds every time you start the AC, something is most likely amiss with its compressor, ensuring smooth refrigerant flow. 

Other reasons could be a worn-out pulley bearing or an out-of-place clutch, which can cause rattling and squeaking sounds. You can solve all these problems by replacing the worn-out parts. 

Foul odor

Certain malfunctioning parts can cause the air conditioning to pump rancid air into the cabin. Your car will also start smelling foul if mold has accumulated in the evaporator’s case. Therefore, ensure that all the car parts are running smoothly and get the AC cleaned and regularly serviced to avoid such unpleasant situations.  

Water stains

If you notice water stains inside the vehicle every time you turn on the AC, it shows that the drain is blocked. The water will pool under the car’s front or beneath the dash and lead to significant problems if left unattended. 

Poor temperature control 

After serving you well in the initial years, your car’s AC might lose control over temperature regulation, blowing hot air a few minutes into every ride. It isn’t just annoying but is also a major red flag that needs attention at the earliest.

Car ACs usually can’t regulate temperature when the valves clog, preventing the refrigerant (the cooling substance) from entering the evaporator. If your car AC isn’t in control, call a professional right away before the problem gets out of hand. 

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