Have you ever found a puddle under your vehicle that comes up wherever you park your car? Fluid leaks are common, and most car owners encounter them at least once. Some leaks can lead to a significant issue if not handled properly and can break down your car in the middle of the road. The tricky part is identifying the leaking fluid and finding automotive performance shops in Florida to fix the issue.

Let us see the six most common fluids that can leak from your car.

Leak #1- Water: Water leakages are not a severe problem, and you are more likely to face them on a humid day. The air conditioning system dehumidifies the cabin until the moisture levels come down, resulting in water coming out of the rubber hose. This drain pipe is usually present in the front right portion of your car where the passenger keeps their feet, or in the middle of the cabin. If you have an SUV with front and rear climate controls, you will also have two evaporators and air conditioner drains. Water leakage from air conditioner drains is not a serious problem and will correct itself as the weather changes.

Leak #2- Engine Oil: If the puddle under your car is light amber to dark brown, it can be an engine oil leak. These can be pretty serious as they can overheat the vehicle and damage the engine. Get your vehicle checked by a mechanic at a Davie car repair shop as soon as you spot an engine oil leak. If you see a significant leakage, do not drive your car as it can be a safety hazard. These leakages can arise from many sources, not just from under your engine. It’s best to call the technicians at your house or garage and have them take a look at the car. 

Leak #3- Coolant or Antifreeze: Coolant is an essential fluid that helps keep the engine in the proper temperature range. They are available in various colors now, depending on the manufacturer and type of automobile. However, they always have a candy-like sweet smell. The most common source of a coolant leak is the radiator present in the front of your car. Take your car to an auto repair shop, Davie, Fl.as coolant loss can damage the engine by overheating it.

Leak #4- Transmission Fluid: Your car can have a red or pink fluid for automatic or motor oil for a manual transmission. You will face problems shifting the gears and driving the vehicle if the transmission fluid leaks.

Leak #5- Gear Fluid: Gear oil is thick and amber or brown-colored. You will know it is leaking by a strong smell and the presence of greasy fluid on your axle or wheel rims.

Leak #6- Power Steering Fluid: The power steering fluid is amber-colored with a burnt oil smell. Some manufacturers may also use transmission fluid in its stead. The best way to check the leak is from the reservoir or if the steering wheel feels too heavy while driving.

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