Transmissions are a crucial and complex part of your vehicle, responsible for transferring energy from the engine to the wheels. Whether your car’s transmission is automatic or manual, your entire vehicle could break down if they get damaged. They are also one of the most expensive automobile parts to replace and repair. It is best to regularly maintain your car and its parts to ensure optimum health and avoid such instances.

Here are some tips for effectively maintaining your transmission and averting costly repairs. 

Tip #1- Regularly Check The Transmission Fluid: You should check the transmission fluid levels of your car frequently, just like the engine oil. Simply pull the dipstick out and wipe off the oil with a towel. Dip the stick back in, hold for a second, and pull out. Check whether the levels are correct using the markings given. If the levels are low, there might be leakage. It’s also important to check if the oil is clear, bright red, and doesn’t have a foul smell. 

Tip #2- Use the Correct Transmission Fluid: It is necessary to use the correct type of transmission fluid for the longevity and efficiency of your car’s transmission. You can check these details in the user’s manual or ask your car’s servicing company for the same. Also, ensure to change the transmission fluid once every year.

Tip #3- Change Gears Carefully: The transmission will get strained if you change your gears from reverse to forward without letting it slow down or halt first. Further, use your clutch wisely. It may feel like nothing is happening initially, but it can damage the transmission in the long term.

Tip #4- Keep a Check On Your Engine’s Cooling System: The cooling system plays a significant role in keeping your engine and the transmission fluid from overheating. Ensure that it is working efficiently to keep your transmission in the best shape.

Tip #5- Keep Excess Weight Off of Your Car: Most car owners believe their cars can take an extra load without any problem. However, the excess weight puts more pressure on the transmission, heating it. You should also not use your car for towing heavy loads, especially in hot temperatures. It can burn the transmission fluid, damaging the transmission.

Tip #6- Warm-Up Your Car Before Driving: While most of us simply sit in the driver’s seat and ride off right away, it is not the best practice for the car’s health. It puts extra strain on the transmission if the vehicle is cold as ice, especially during winters. Let the car warm up a little before hitting the accelerator.

Tip #7- Keep Your Vehicle Maintained: Get your car examined by specialists yearly to keep it on the road for a longer time. They will thoroughly inspect the transmission for any leakages and repair requirements.

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