Transmissions are one of the most expensive but important parts of a vehicle, which can make it troubling when they’re unable to be repaired. Your mechanic may, however, be able to provide a more cost-effective solution: rebuilt transmissions.

Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting a transmission rebuild. This includes the difference between transmissions rebuilt in a shop vs. those rebuilt in a factory, why it’s a good idea to get a warranty for your rebuild, and how long you should expect the rebuild to last.

Transmission Rebuild in Davie, FL

Rebuilding Your Transmission vs. Using a Factory Rebuild

If you need to get a rebuilt transmission, there are generally two ways to go about it: by rebuilding your transmission or getting a factor rebuild. Which option is better will vary widely depending on the damage done to your transmission.

Sometimes a factory rebuild will be cheaper, since there are less labor costs, but other times the mechanic will be able to replace the necessary parts easily enough to make rebuilding in the shop a more cost-effective solution.

Get a Warranty

Warranties are an excellent way to get peace of mind when your transmission is rebuilt. This allows you to rest easy knowing that, if anything happens with the rebuilt transmission and it’s still under warranty, you won’t have to pay for additional repairs.

The specific terms for warranties vary depending on the auto shop, so you’ll want to ask for these terms when looking to get your transmission rebuilt.

Transmission Rebuild Longevity

Transmission rebuilds are designed to help the transmission run as if it was as good as new, but of course, these are used transmissions. While the parts that were causing problems will be replaced, the rest of the transmission parts won’t be replaced. This means the rebuilt transmission won’t last as long as a new one would.

It’s worth asking a mechanic how long they expect the transmission rebuild to cost, as opposed to how long they would expect a new transmission to last. This allows you to make an informed decision about which is most cost effective in the long run.

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