A transmission is an important part of a vehicle, so if it’s beginning to break down, you want to ensure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

Below, we’ll list a few of the things you should look out for in order to determine whether or not your transmission needs repairs: this includes performance problems, leaking, a warning light, or the mechanic themselves giving you a report. We hope this helps you stay safe on the road.transmission warning lights

Your Transmission Isn’t Working As Well As It Used To

Your transmission should be responding quickly to gear shifts. If its performance has slowed over time, this is a good idea to get the transmission checked. This could be a sign that something needs to be repaired or replaced, and you want to make sure your vehicle is able to respond appropriately to you while you’re on the road.

Your Transmission Is Leaking

Your vehicle should not be leaking. The best way to spot this problem is by checking under the car when it’s been parked for a while. If you find any oil there, you’ll know that something’s wrong and you need to bring it in to get checked by a mechanic.

Warning Light

While there are a myriad of different warning lights on your dashboard, you want to pay particular attention to the transmission warning light. This will let you know when it’s time to bring your car in.

Once a Transmission Professional Has Checked Your Vehicle

At the end of the day, you won’t really know what’s wrong with your transmission until it’s checked by a mechanic. They’ll be able to let you know whether the transmission needs to be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced. A mechanic will be able to point you in the right direction and give you the most cost-effective solutions.

Having Problems With Your Transmission in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

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