If you’re buying a used car, you need to ensure you’re making the right purchase. You can do that by examining the car, giving it a test drive, and inspecting the vehicle title. Transmission problems are one of the biggest things you need to look out for as a used car buyer.

In this article, you’ll learn how to examine the transmission when buying your used car. You’ll also learn what you can do if you’ve bought a used car with a bad transmission.

How Do You Check a Car Transmission?

There are a few different ways you can check your car’s transmission. To start, you should check the dipstick. A clear or pinkish color is desirable, while darker fluid isn’t. You obviously aren’t going to refill the transmission fluid before buying, but it’s also useful to see if the transmission fluid has been regularly filled before it was sold.

You’ll then want to take the car for a drive. This allows you to discover how the car feels. If the car is slow to shift gears, that’s a strong sign that there may be transmission problems. You should be vigilant for transmission issues if you hear a whining noise in the transmission.

You’ll also want to check the vehicle’s title. This will let you know if it’s been water damaged, rebuilt, etc. The buyer is required to sign the title over to you, so if they claim to have lost it, that may be a sign they’re hiding something.

There are situations where you may choose to buy a car that has a problematic transmission. However, the fact that it has a faulty transmission should be factored into the cost of the car.

Having Trouble with Your Used Car’s Transmission?

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