Transmissions are a vital part of your vehicle. They are the main component that transfers energy from the car’s engine to the wheels and gears. Although transmissions are sturdy, they get damaged over time due to the wear and tear and high friction from frequent movements. Today, most automobiles have automatic transmissions in contrast to the manual transmissions of older models. Automatic transmissions mean more complex parts and more significant maintenance needs. They need to be exchanged if they get into worse shape, and transmission replacement or repair is an expensive investment. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about taking care of automatic transmission to keep your car running like new.

Look at these helpful tips to avoid costly transmission repairs-

Tip #1- Check the Transmission Fluid: Keeping a note of the levels and condition of your transmission fluid will help you keep your transmission healthy. It is easy to check the level. Simply take out the rod, clean it, dip it again, and take it out to see the accurate level. If the level is lower, then you must get your car checked for leakage. If the color has changed to murky, dark shade and smells fishy, you need to get your fluids renewed.

Tip #2- Use the Correct Transmission Fluid: As critical it is to keep the transmission fluid levels in check, you should also use the correct type of fluid in your vehicle. Your car’s manual will have all the required details about the transmission fluid.

Tip #3- Service the Cooling System: The car’s cooling system maintains lower temperatures in the engine. It is also responsible for cooling the transmission fluid as it moves through the gearbox. If your cooling system is not working efficiently, you should get it serviced before taking your car out on a long drive.

Tip #4- Let the Engine Warm Up: We all have jumped into the driver’s seat and immediately left the place in a hurry. But it is a good practice to let your car engine warm up a little before you drive off, especially during the winters. It prevents the engine from straining too much suddenly.

Tip #5- Take Care While Changing Gears: Following the movies, most of us practice shifting the gears suddenly to reverse while the car is still in forward motion. But often we forget those are movies and this is real life. It is best to completely stop before changing the gears. Shifting the gears while the car is still in motion can strain the transmission and other vital components, which might not result well in the long run.

Tip #6- Get Your Transmission Inspected:  The best preventative step you can take is regularly getting your automatic transmission inspected for damages and abnormalities by a professional auto transmission repair service.

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