Cars are a big investment, and for owners, it is one of the most valuable possessions.  Getting your car serviced is expensive, but keeping it in good condition will save you from major faults in the engine and other components. For example, if you maintain the engine coolant at recommended levels, the engine will run smoothly, and will not overheat. Likewise, maintaining brake fluids and power transmission will offer a smooth driving experience.

Here in this post, we’ll look at a basic car service. 

#1 Oil and filter change

There are a lot of factors that can affect the frequency at which you should change the oil. For instance, if you take frequent short trips and your driving involves maneuvering through city traffic, you need to change your oil regularly. Over time, oil becomes contaminated as it gathers dirt, metal, and other particles inside the engine, which can lead to significant wear to the engine. Once the oil loses its lubrication, it forces the engine to generate more heat. Likewise, an oil full of dust changes the oil’s viscosity, causing the engine to work harder. Routine oil changes will help your engine run longer.

#2 Inspection of main components

Braking system

A car without properly functioning brakes could lead to a fatal accident. During a service, the condition of the brake pad lining, discs, and drums is checked. Get your disc brakes inspected for any potential crazing or cracking. 

Electrical system

Your engine gets going by using the starter. Technicians will check if the starter is drawing the proper flow of current or not. While a low current shows corrosion in cables, an excessive current will point towards a worn starter. They will also check the contacts between the clamps and the battery cables. 

Tire pressure inspection

Well-maintained tires are essential for a safe, fuel-efficient ride. Technicians will use a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can make your car easily skid off. 


A battery is essential for the engine of your car to start quickly. In a car service, your battery and cables are checked for leaking fluid or corrosion. 

Steering system

A faulty steering system will make it difficult to turn the car, causing danger for yourself and others on the road. Exerting too much pressure to steer the wheels could also cause internal damages to the steering system.

Windshield wiper and lights

If your windshield wipers are not working properly, you may not see the road ahead in case of rain or snow. Faulty wiper blades can also smear your windshield, potentially creating visibility issues. The service center will also check your headlight and tail lights. Driving with faulty or broken lights on roads during nighttime could be dangerous.

Coolant fluid exchange

It is important to regularly flush your coolant system to get rid of contaminants. 

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