If you notice fluid on the ground under your car when you remove it from the garage, the first thing you need to find out is which type of fluid it is. If it is a transmission fluid leak, you can get it repaired quickly and with less investment. Getting your transmission repaired is crucial to keep your car moving smoothly. Taking your vehicle to transmission repair shops near you is the best way to get a solution for the issue.

However, if you cannot take your car to an auto transmission repair shop, here is what to do if your transmission fluid is leaking.

Steps to Take if Transmission Fluid is Leaking-

  • Look for the source of the leak: The first step is determining where the leak is coming from to identify the fluid being leaked. Lift the car using a jack and supporters to look underneath it. If you see liquid dripping from the middle of the vehicle, it is likely to be transmission fluid. Use talcum powder to find the trail of the leakage if you are not sure about the fluid source.
  • Identify the cause of leakage: Transmission fluid can leak because of many reasons. However, it is necessary to take your car to a transmission repair shop and get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid damaging your transmission and your vehicle. Your transmission fluid may leak for some of the following reasons-
  1. Worn-out transmission pan gasket 
  2. Damaged output shaft axle seal
  3. Faulty transmission cooler lines in the radiator
  4. Worn-out fill tube seal at the end of the dipstick tube
  5. Damaged torque converter seal
  6. Cracked transmission housing
  • To fix the issue yourself: If the problem of your transmission fluid leak is not significant, you can restore it yourself. Once you have identified the source of leakage, you can replace the broken or damaged component yourself. However, if the reason for your transmission fluid leakage is major, you may want to take your car for auto transmission service. A professional will expertly solve the issue and ensure it does not return or pose any more risk to your vehicle.
  • If you need standard transmission maintenance: The most common reason for transmission fluid leakage is a worn-out transmission pan gasket. The pan gasket gradually wears off over time and can cause leakage. You can visit the best auto transmission repair shop to get a standard transmission maintenance service where they will replace the gasket and transmission fluid.
  • If you have internal transmission damage: Sometimes, the leakage may be due to broken housing or internal damage, so it is best to go to a transmission repair shop in such cases.

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