Worried about your transmission? For a lot of people, there’s nothing more frightening than the thought of transmission trouble. Luckily, we’re experts, and we’re here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few of the signs that you need to get your transmission checked.

Leaking Fluid

There are several reasons why your car might be leaking transmission fluid. It could simply be the case that there’s a leak in the transmission pan. This is the most common problem, and it’s the easiest to fix. But it can also indicate issues with your cooler lines, torque converter seal, or something else entirely.

You’ll need a mechanic to determine where the problem is occurring. Since leaks get bigger over time, and since bigger leaks are harder to repair, you should bring it to a mechanic shop as soon as possible.

A Flashing Transmission Warning Light

If your car’s telling you there’s a problem with your transmission, you need to get it checked. The warning light doesn’t necessarily mean the transmission’s irrevocably damaged, but it does mean you need to visit an expert. At the very least, your mechanic will be able to interpret the signal’s error code, which will tell you how serious the problem is.

Slow Gear Shifts

Car transmissions are supposed to act precisely and quickly. If your transmission isn’t responding correctly to you, you need to get it checked out. This is the most straightforward problem to spot. If the transmission isn’t working right, you should get it checked!

We Can Repair, Rebuild, or Replace Your Transmission

Once you’ve brought your car in, there may be problems with the transmission. At that point, the question becomes: do you need to repair, rebuild, or replace your transmission? Sometimes you’ll have a choice in deciding what you want to do. Other times, given the nature of the damage, you’ll have to rebuild or replace your transmission.

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