Americans are required to have car insurance because it ensures that there will always be money to cover the costs incurred during a crash. This protects both you and the people around you. These laws inform the most common types of car insurance provided by companies, which means their policies almost never include common maintenance and repairs.

So, in most cases, your insurance won’t cover the cost for repairing, rebuilding, or replacing your transmission. A car warranty generally won’t pay for the cost either, unless the transmission broke due to manufacturer error.

However, there are exceptions. Read on to learn what these exceptions are.

Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover Transmission Damage?

You’re going to need to get a special policy if you want your insurance company to cover non-collision-inflicted damage. Despite its name, comprehensive insurance won’t cover transmission maintenance.

In fact, it doesn’t cover any type of maintenance. Instead, it covers accidental, non-collision related damage. This includes things like fire and flooding, as well as vandalism or theft. If your transmission was damaged as a result of fire or flooding, your comprehensive policy might cover it. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Does SR-22 Insurance Cover Transmission Damage?

Despite the name, SR-22 insurance isn’t actually insurance. Instead, an SR-22 is a document that the insurance company is required to submit to the government, showing that you’re maintaining your usual insurance policy. SR-22 insurance holders are neither more nor less likely to have their transmission covered by their policy.

Does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) Cover Transmission Damage?

MBI is the only type of insurance policy that might cover the cost of a broken transmission. This is an unusual policy – one that’s not required by law, and one which many insurance companies don’t even provide – but it can be helpful for people buying newer, premium vehicles.

While some MBI policies cover most regular repairs, your agreement may only include certain types of repairs (e.g. brake replacements). You’ll need to check your policy to determine what it covers.

Need Help with Your Transmission?

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